1 more week.

I am so stressed! I think I can just collapsed on the spot. Maybe i am putting too much pressure on myself. There is so much things to think and do. I also not sure what I am stressed about. Just.. stress.

So many tiny little things to do:-

1. Have to buy a bolster. Elders said must buy, for what?! sigh..

2. Have not confirm my emcees. Script not given.

3. Some amenities to buy and bring over.

4. Arranging for the last fitting, albums, dads’ suits

5. Arranging for the last deposit for banquet and confirmation of the table.

Tired. Having sleepless nights and everything is always on my mind. work is stressful too =(

Quick… just get everything over.. so that we are freed from all these things. preparing is never a joyous thing but lots of money, time and opinions involved. I seriously hate it. Not loving it anymore…