Zebra Cotton Cheesecake

Made this in the past weekend! Was craving to bake (note: not craving for cheesecake) I had so much fun baking at my aunt’s house!


I was trying to poke the middle portion with a stick to check if the inside was cooked. And it goes…Image

it tasted great! with the cheese melting in my mouth. sorry that my pictures are not very appetizing.. but it is really good! I ❤ the stripes too! actually it looks more like a tiger instead of a zebra because it is yellowish! I will try to make it again and take nicer pics next time.


250g Cream Cheese                                                                                    
25g Butter
Sugar 75g
4 Yolks
1/4cup Milk
1/4tsp Vanilla Extract
Plain Flour 25g
*10g Cocoa Powder
4 Whites
1. Preheat oven to 150deg
2. Line a 7″ square baking tin with baking paper
3. Beat cream cheese, butter and 50g sugar until creamy.
4. Mix in yolks, milk and vanilla.
5. Sift in flour and fold gently into the mixture
6. *divide batter into two equal portion.
7.* Sift in cocoa powder into one portion and fold in gently
8.* Set aside both batter
9. Whisk whites with the remaining sugar until stiff;
10.* fold half gently into the cheese mixture & the other half to the cocoa mixture
11.*Spoon cheese mixture into cake tin starting with the cheese mixture first in the center of cake tin.
12.*Next, spoon cocoa mixture into the center of the cheese mixture(step above)
13.*Following the sequence steps above until both batter runs up.
14.Bake in water bath for about an hour, let cool & serve.



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