Mushroom and Bacon carbonara spaghetti

Hihi! Havent been blogging for long. Too many reasons! but i am back with a blast now!! too many dishes to share. Just 1 for a starter first =x

Mushroom and Bacon carbonara spaghetti



Sliced mushroom

Bacon bits (you can buy sliced bacon and chop them)

2 eggs

55g of parmesan cheese

Spaghetti about 200g

Minced garlic (depends on how much you love them)


Crack the eggs and mix in the parmesan cheese, mix well.

Cook spaghetti in a pot with some salt, about 8-10 mins, depends on the texture you like

Stir fry the garlic with some olive oil, then bacon and mushroom.

Add in spaghetti and off the heat, mix in the egg mixture and stir it with the spaghetti evenly.

There! you have the easiest carbonara! personally i do not like too much cream in my carbonara, so i omitted the cream part and it tasted the same! try it and believe me, you will love it! =) Enjoy!

More photos up close…





Yes, I am back! to blogging I mean. Marriage life seems so bland sometimes, but its what everyone will go through, just sooner or later.  =)

well, meanwhile I am trying to be a good wife by cooking, baking and whatever. haha. more to come and I will post some recipes up so as a note book to myself. 

Disclaimer: Most of the recipes I found online and maybe some ingredients may be substituted. =)

1 more week.

I am so stressed! I think I can just collapsed on the spot. Maybe i am putting too much pressure on myself. There is so much things to think and do. I also not sure what I am stressed about. Just.. stress.

So many tiny little things to do:-

1. Have to buy a bolster. Elders said must buy, for what?! sigh..

2. Have not confirm my emcees. Script not given.

3. Some amenities to buy and bring over.

4. Arranging for the last fitting, albums, dads’ suits

5. Arranging for the last deposit for banquet and confirmation of the table.

Tired. Having sleepless nights and everything is always on my mind. work is stressful too =(

Quick… just get everything over.. so that we are freed from all these things. preparing is never a joyous thing but lots of money, time and opinions involved. I seriously hate it. Not loving it anymore…

Wedding bands.


My wedding band. I really like this pair and I think I got the best deal. We got it from eclarity which introduced by one of our close friend. Good service and always serve you with a smile and very organised!

If you intend to pay them a visit. Do make an appointment with them as it is strictly for appointment only!


He has finally proposed! Hee. It all happens in Bintan. Yep, I did suspect about the proposal but I was still caught with surprised! Overwhelmed with joy, love and happiness. 🙂 I will try my very best to be a good wife to be. Haha.

Going through the venues selection is not easy. So many suggestions, opinions, flaws of the ballroom appears to be so visible. But well, I am glad everything is over and set. Venue chosen – copthorne king hotel, it’s the ballrooms combined with the restaurant. The menu will be prepared by the master chef ho tien tsai, one of the celebrity chef. But that’s not the point, we have found positive recommendations and feedbacks and reviews on the web. The planner is very experienced as well and kind! So glad that the banquet set is so pretty as well!

Now the next step – choosing of gowns! 🙂