Wedding bands.


My wedding band. I really like this pair and I think I got the best deal. We got it from eclarity which introduced by one of our close friend. Good service and always serve you with a smile and very organised!

If you intend to pay them a visit. Do make an appointment with them as it is strictly for appointment only!



Done with the photoshoot and gown choosing! So many things to settle and money money money. But well, I believed we are able to earn it back anyway.

We had fun and so tiring with the photoshoot! Definitely worth experiencing. Shall wait patiently for the end product

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I am feeling stressful from all these preparations, from choosing emcees, guests, bridesmaids.. even the date, we are trying to set on it. the banquet venue as well. We are hearing so much opinions, and reviews has to be positive from parents. things are getting tough when my mum is so hard to pleased.

I feel like giving it up already… can I back out? ='(